Sunday, December 21, 2008

We came home Friday

Things are going well. Lisa was discharged on Friday and we got to drive in all the was good to be out.

She's been taken off the nutrition which makes things a little easier. Daily, we only need to give her a few pills and shots and at night we run hydration. She looks pretty good and is eating a little bit better.

Yesterday was the big McMaster party and we all got to go...yeah! The McMaster party is a rather large gathering including lots of good food, fun, aunts, uncles, cousins and a visit from Santa who brings gifts for the children.

As Lisa was waiting for Santa to call her name, things got a little scary. Lisa was watching intently as Santa called children's names and then held them on his lap while they opened their gifts. As Santa helped one little girl with her gift, Lisa scooted off her chair and started rocking back and forth one her feet... she seemed pretty agitated. I asked her what was wrong. She chanted..."that girl has my baby, she's opening my baby, she has my baby." I looked at the little girl on Santa's lap, what was she opening? did look like it could be a baby doll. "Lisa" I said, "Just wait, Santa will have a gift for you...that's the little girl's gift...Santa has more than one doll". Lisa started to skirt around her chair. "Lisa" I hissed. Suddenly the wrapper fell completely away from the girl's gift. Huge sigh of relief. "Lisa....she didn't get a baby, it's a Mr. Potato Head" I whispered. Thank goodness; order was restored. Santa soon called Lisa's name and lucky for him, the gift she opened had not one, but two baby dolls. I truly fear if Santa did not have those baby dolls, there would have been some bloodshed....and I'm pretty sure it would have been his!! we are enjoying the beautiful snow from the coziness of the lake house. It's bright and white and warm inside and just the bit of R&R we need. Lisa is playing with her baby dolls...of course. And the rest of the kids are thawing out from running around in the snow and our playing some games.

As I count down the days until Christmas, I realize I better stop typing and better start shopping!


Diane Ebeling said...

It so wonderful to here that you are all together, enjoying a wonderful Christmas!! Have a Blessed Holiday Season. I am glad Lisa got her babies so that Santa was able to live and bring gifts to other children!! hee hee

love, Diane

Anonymous said...

What a great sunny day to be warm inside looking out at the frozen lake and hearing children laugh and play outside.
Now that is what the season is about.
Enjoy the day!

Lisa G.

Anonymous said...

We here at Kindercare are so Happy to hear Lisa is home with the rest of the troops. Please if there is anything we can do please call us.

Love you all,


Jeanette said...

Man, that Santa is a smart guy!! Merry Christmas to the McMasters!