Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pray for Maranda Wed 9:30 am (updated)

Maranda's surgery is scheduled for 9:30 am....so please offer up a prayer at that time. I just found out that they have set aside 6 hours for the surgery....they originally told us 3-4 so let's hope they just allowed a lot of clean up time.

Have to admit, I'm pretty anxious about this one...more so than Lisa's. Probably because with Lisa we been through a lot of other procedures with here and knew that surgery was a must if we want to beat cancer. With Maranda, while the surgery will make things better so she doesn't incur problems as she grows older, there is a whole lot of things that could go wrong and make this normally healthy kid (who hasn't even had a cavity filled) worse......okay....I'll stop that line of thinking!!

Just got to keep my mind in the moment and stay focused and keep praying. No matter what happens, that's life and we will deal with it (I hope!)

Lisa ate some cheez-its last night and today....yeah!!! Still no fever and she's up and about...double yeah!!! They may not be able to share rooms but maybe they can go home together---soon!!

Keep praying everyone and thanks!


Anonymous said...

keeping you all in our prayers. Will think of Maranda tomorrow.

The Kreagers

Anonymous said...

Praying as always!

Anonymous said...

We are and will be praying for Miss Maranda, but also for the rest of her family!!!
Lots of love,
The Enright's

Anonymous said...

I will def be praying on wed for Maranda that all will go well. Nice to hear that Lisa is doing better and eating more. I pray she starts to eat more. I know the lord is with both your girls. I am praying for you all today to be rested for your day tommrow.

Love,Kristen McIntyre

Anonymous said...

We will be delivering our prayers in person tomorrow. We hope your evening is restful and your surgery goes quickly M!
Thoughts and prayers are with you and Lisa as always.

Lisa and Alec G.

Jeanette said...

We will pray throughout the day for Maranda. So glad Lisa is eating! Awesome! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Lots of prayers coming your way from Hulsing!

Anonymous said...

Will keep Maranda in our prayers all day long. God Bless you all.
The folks on the West side of the State