Saturday, December 6, 2008

Maranda is home down, one to go. Maranda came home today. She did really good last night...didn't even take pain killers before she went to bed. Could have been the surprise visit she had from Mr. and Mrs. McCoy or the movie time she had with four of her friends, but even though she was still feeling tired and sore she was smiling.

When docs woke her up this morning she was able to turn her head. The doctor is very pleased with her progress.

Lisa looks great and is running around like a nut. She just isn't eating. They are cutting back her nutrition over the next two days so that they can send her home on Monday with a more manageable dosage. Yeah.

They've already scheduled her next chemo for Dec 15----sigh---it should be done outpatient which is good, I just wish we could have more of a break---but this cancer is strong, so we need to keep hitting it so it doesn't keep growing. Lisa will have stem cell collection Dec 29 in preparation for "big" chemo and bone marrow transplant in Jan. That will be at least a three week stay.

I'm going to bed right now and not leaving until I have to go relieve Mike at the hospital tomorrow's so nice to be home!


Anonymous said...

Praise God Maranda is home soon Lisa too. I pray that lisa will start to eat more so she can gain her strenght back looks like she has much ahead of her. My prayers will be many on lisa behalf. I pray you will wake up refreshed and renewed.....Thinking of you all.....Love, Kristem McIntyre

Amanda said...

Happy to here that Maranda is home. We all enjoyed seeing her last night!
Miss you a lot!

tom said...

Through all of this I am humbled by God answering the prayers offered on behalf of Miranda and Lisa. To see His work and love in action is amazing, yet to see it through family is awesome. Mike and Linda, you know you are always in our hearts and minds. You two have done such a great job with professing your strong faith and devotion to God, your family and each other. I am inspired by the words you share. Please know how proud we are of you, and how our faith is increased because of you.

Jeanette said...

So glad to hear that Maranda is home and doing so well. Yeah!! We will continue to pray for Lisa, hope she feels like eating very soon and that she gets to go home soon.

Anonymous said...

I miss you so much MeMe!! I'm really glad your surgery went well!! The day of your surgery I prayed all day! Well I'll see ya when you get back to school. Again I'm so happy your feeling better!