Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Morning

Mike here with my take on Lisa's homecoming Friday: Lisa came home Friday afternoon, after the snowstorm, wired and running. Sometimes the chemo does that. On Friday evening, the outside Christmas lights came on at 5:00 PM, and all the kids marveled at them and wondered where they came from. The lights were donated and hung by the Canton city firefighters. I can't thank them enough. With our schedules as they are we were lucky to get the tree up. The kids were very surprised and happy to see them. Thank you!

Saturday morning Maranda, Thomas, and Christina went to see them movie Despereaux. In the afternoon was the 54th annual McMaster Christmas party. Out of 150+, we had about 80 in attendance. Santa was there at usual and Lisa finally scored the baby doll she's been asking for and hasn't put it down since. Which reminds me, we had a visit from Santa at the hospital on Thursday. Lloyd Carr (previous UofM football coach) played the part of Santa as his wife Laurie assisted. Pretty cool. Lisa was received a Big House tee shirt, but later exclamed "where's my baby, why didn't he give me my baby?" Which is what she says after each visit by Santa - until Saturday when she got what she's been asking for. Good thing too because she wasn't going to let Santa out of there without a baby.

It's been a great couple days. Lisa is comfortable and energetic and active. It's great to have our Lisa back.

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