Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mike here: Here's a snapshot of the little princess in the hospital cafeteria the day we were leaving. Happy and eating. We were both excited about getting out of there. Before we left though we were trained for 2 hours on how to give IV nutrition (TPN) and antibiotics through the IV at home. After we arrived home the Home Medic company brought us a small refrigerator and stocked it full of supplies to get us through to Thursday. A short while later the nurse from UofM showed up and watched to see that I could mix and hook everything up properly. It's pretty intimidating to see all the supplies laid out on the table for only a few days. Amazing to think that people have to do this for years.
So its Monday morning and the mixing and hooking up went fine last night. It's when it exits the patient that it's "eventful". I think I remember changing her four times last night and the bed twice. So I think I'm getting less sleep here at home. Nonetheless, we're VERY happy to home.


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear Lisa and Maranda are both at home. I am glad she is eating I pray for Lisa to be healed every day as I pray god grant you his mercy and strenght each day. Your children are blessed to have such wonderful parents. God Bless You Always!!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my name on upbove comments......Love, Kristen McIntyre

Anonymous said...

It seems as though there is something new to learn every day and I am inspired when i read what you have to listen to, decide and do. So, I am sending some of my strength to you and hope it gets you through until the next round of chemo. Take care.

Sarah Rumptz

Amanda said...

Happy to here Lisa and Maranda are home, can't wait til you are back at school!

Jeanette said...

I am so glad that God gave Lisa such wonderful parents. I'm so glad to see her smiling and eating and I bet she's so happy to be home!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are all at home. We are sending healing energy and good thoughts to everyone.


Frances Monroe said...

God is an Awesome God! Thank you Jesus for taking care of Mike and Linda through it all.