Thursday, December 4, 2008

Time flies

Well the day has gone by quickly. Maranda is doing good...sore and grumpy....but she got moved to the same floor as Lisa. They are actually on opposite sides of the unit from each other so we can just cut thru kitchenette to go from one to the other. Lisa is up and about, having less pain and is being much nicer.

Neither of them are eating....unless you count putting the smallest morsel of food in your mouth, gumming it up and spitting it out.

Docs are actually thinking Maranda might be released tomorrow. So long as she is eating, peeing and can get up and walk about they think she'll be good to go. Lisa docs are considering trying to release her as well....but she would come home with some heavy duty antibiotics and possibly liquid nutrition. Seems a little soon to me and hopefully I've made it clear I'm not in any rush....certainly don't want to take kids home to have to bring them back.

So...we just play the waiting game and see how they are both doing.


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news! Please tell both Miranda and Lisa that we are praying for them (and you too)!

Karen said...

So glad to hear the good news! We are Hulsing have been praying and hoping for the best!

Ashley Howley said...

Yaay!!!! Glad to hear all went well! Can't wait to see you guys again in a few weeks!
Love ya!

Frances Monroe said...

I'm continuing to pray for your family. God knew that both of you were the best choice for parents to these 2 wonderful girls. Thank God for his goodness and mercy. Glad the surgery went well. Keep the Faith. Prayer changes things. I'll pray for you, you pray for me, and let's watch God change things! Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that Maranda is out of surgery and that all went as planned. Good to hear too that Lisa is having less pain and is up and about.

Sending much positive energy, love, and nurturance.



Anonymous said...

We all said our prayers for the girls. Glad a few prayers are anwered. Hope you have a safe and healthy weekend.

Anonymous said...

So blessed to hear they are both do better I pray they will both be home soon and feeling better. praying for you all...

Love,'Kristen McIntyre