Monday, December 8, 2008

Lisa comes home today

Lisa is coming home today. Yeah! We will get training from hospital staff on how to give her the nutrition and antibiotics thru IV. Mike arranged for her to come home yesterday on a day pass (seeing as all the IV stuff is done at night while she is sleeping) so she was home for a few hours and was not happy to go back to the hospital. We told her it was for one more night and she needs to eat!

She did manage a few bites last hopefully once she's home she'll get back to normal. We only have one week to fatten her up before chemo begins.'s hard to believe we are so quickly approaching Christmas.....seems like it should still be summer...where has all the time gone?!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you will have both of your girls home!!!

The Kreagers

Anonymous said...

Home for the Holidays! I like the sound of that!

Let me know when sweet pea is up for a visitor or two!

Lisa G.

Laura Kelm said...

It's great to hear she is coming home. Hopefully all goes well with the chemo and you will have your whole family at home for the holidays. We're thinking about your family everday and praying for you.
Laura and Alexis

Jeanette said...

So glad Lisa will be at home! Yeah!!! Great news.
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!