Sunday, November 23, 2008

Still at Motts

Well...we're still here. I relieved Mike at about 12:30 today. Lisa is still in a deep funk. Not eating, having pain and moody. She's also toying with a temperature. While we hoped she would be out tomorrow. I don't think that's going to happen. They still haven't weened her off her TPN (IV liquids) and that has to be done over a course of a few days.

Although her drainage tube was dry the past two days it looked gunky. The nurse I had this evening was pretty persistent and worked on the line and cleared the gunk and a clot...once that was done Lisa drainage bulb filled 5 x's...that's over a cup of liquid! It could explain some of the pain she's been having, but that's a lot of liquid and I'm not certain they will take the tube out tomorrow which means no discharge.

She is still complaining about her mouth hurting which no one can figure out why....that is another reason she is not eating and if she's not eating, she's not going home. Arrghhhh!

On another note, Maranda had her MRI today. Poor kid....she came out sweaty and crying. Although we had this MRI done here at Motts in a more modern machine that included a movie during the was still long and very uncomfortable. When we booked the test, we were told it would be a 1 hour test and I could be sitting outside the room. We were supposed to get started at 3:30 today, we didn't get started until 4:30. Right before they started they told us it would be for 2 hours, included an injection and I wasn't allowed back there with her. Oh man...the look on her face. I gave her a quick pep talk, watched her get in the machine and then retreated back to 7th floor with Lisa. I went down 1 hr 20 minutes later when they were supposed to give her the injection...they told me 20 more minutes and I couldn't be in the room, they were sure she'd be don't worry. I told them I could stand by the door and she could hear my voice and I'd promised her I'd be there. 20 minutes later I reappeared and did just that. 40 minutes later I reappeared to escort her out of the room. She was hot, sweaty and teary eyed. She said the best thing about an MRI was it was over. They said she did good, but she was worried because towards the end they had to keep reminding her to lie still. I think she did fantastic...2 hours lying still on a hard surface with no body fat and a skinny butt is extremely uncomfortable...not to mention getting a shot half way thru and you couldn't see it because you had movie goggles on and your head is restrained by MRI equipment. I told my daughter I was so proud of her and I would do it for her if I could, but I can't. And you know what people.....that really, really, really sucks! I have to stand by and watch two of my daughters deal with tests and pain that many adults haven't had to endure and I can do nothing to relieve that pain or memory for them. I know I'm helping them by being there, but honestly it just seems so wrong that they have to go through all of this...if anyone should have to, it should be us the adults...I just don't get it. It breaks my heart and makes me question God, fate, and life. It also makes me pine for the "old days" the days when Sat and Sun meant sleeping in and taking kids to play dates, movies, shopping....anything but another trip to the hospital. It makes me realize that while I miss those days, I didn't fully appreciate the simplicity when I had it and it causes me to stop and look around and really appreciate what we have now...because believe could be a lot worse....we're still holding strong and are very blessed with people who love and support us


Rachael Pollard said...

I'm Rachael Pollard, Hannah Pollard's older sister.
I have some advice for Miranda in the event that she ever gets another MRI: ask for some emla cream before you go in the machine, it numbs the skin and the vein so you don't feel the poke. Also right before you get in the machine, take a couple of benedril, i have fallen asleep with benedril in that machine before. this is particulary effective if you have one in the very early morning hours.
I don't know if you've heard any of this before, but i thought i'd put it out there just in case! i've had at least 20 MRIs since i was 10, and these methods have always worked for me.
Your family is in my prayers, and i know you guys will get through this!!!

Laura Kelm (Alexis' Mom) said...

I got teary eyed myself reading this. I agree. No child should have to go through anything that Maranda and Lisa are going through. I couldn't even imagine being in your shoes; It's got to be so hard. You guys are very strong parents with huge hearts. If anyone can make it through all this, I know it's your family. Hang in there!!
Laura Kelm

Anonymous said...

tell Maranda we are so proud of her. Wish I could give her some of my "padding" from my back side to make it easier on her. I have an ample supply.

The Kreagers

Jeanette said...

I'm so proud of Maranda too. She did an awesome job of getting through that MRI. It sounds very uncomfortable and daunting. I wish she didn't have to go through it either. I hope she is done with those for awhile! It must be so hard when you can't be close by when she is having it done. Please tell her we are praying for her. Hope Lisa is out of the hospital soon and we are praying that she is more comfortable asap.

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful for all that you and Mike do for your daughters and son, that you are family, and the many ways you care for one another. You are all incredible role models for the rest of us.

Peace and comfort to you all,