Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Morning

Lisa is recovering well. So far no side effects or infections from the surgery. She's still a bit grumpy and not being very nice to the nurses. Physical Therapy came and worked with her for 15 minutes and at least got her sitting up....she was very leery of what is going on.

She's making progress bit by bit....not even sure it's the pain bothering's more psychological. The site of the stitches and drainage seem to upset her, but she is getting used to them. Right now she is laying totally naked on her bed because she said she wanted to go to the playroom and took her diaper off. However, when I tell her she needs to get out of bed to get dressed, she feigns sleep. She is asking to sit up more and that is a good sign.

Still not drinking or eating anything. Again, part of that might be psychological.....the last thing she ate was red jello and red juice....and, well that's what the drainage looks like. I'm trying a new tact and telling her that's the medicine the doctor used in surgery that is draining. She's a bit skeptical, but at least she is thinking about it.

Well...gotta go...the princess bellows.


David Z said...

Linda and Mike, I'm so glad Lisa made it through surgery OK. I cna't get the image of a "bellowing princess" out of my mind! Linda, I don't know if you've noticed the card I have hanging outside my cube:

"I stand, I reach, I yearn, I bellow, and finally I live."

I continue to pray that Lisa keeps standing, reaching, yearning and bellowing...all signs of life!

St. Barnabas in Chelsea continues to pray for Lisa every Sunday as well. You are all in our thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that things went well.... I am praying each day as well as many of my friends...

Stay strong and just keep praying..

Love always the zookeeper

Jeanette said...

Bellowing is a good sign that she is recovering well! :) We are all wearing out Lisa bracelets and Jake and Josh just told me to tell you that they love Lisa and are praying for her. Abby is over at a friends house otherwise she would be bellowing "Love you Lisa!"

Anonymous said...

So happy she is healing as expected. I can't imagine how you guys do it day in and day out. I as a mom pray for you as well that the lord will sustain and give you his grace and strenght. To Lisa you are a beautiful blessing that god has big plans for, I know the lord can and will heal you, Ifeel blessed finding this blog. May god bless and keep you all each day,,,,,,,,,,,,,Love Kristen

Lori Ceresia said...

Hi, my name is Lori Ceresia, I'm Claudia Palchaks cousin. I have read every word in your blog and I pray for Lisa and your family every day. Your little girl is so strong and has this magical spirit about her. God Bless you all and just know there are so many people praying for Lisa to get healthy <3.