Saturday, November 29, 2008

Days are running together

We're still at Motts and starting to lose track of time. Must be Saturday, because I'm back at the hospital and I know Mike was here for Th and F night.

Lisa finally seemed to perk up this evening. She's not complaining as much about pain, except for some mouth pain which is still unexplained. Her temp has stayed below 100 since I got here and she is on antibiotics to take care of the infection that is causing the temp spikes (which I still think is from the drainage tube site).

We had some visitors this evening and after her initial shyness wore off she seemed to really perk up. She even decided to take them to the playroom and she spent some time in there.

She is still not eating. I'm hoping that perhaps she'll start now that we've got her pain, temps and infection under control. Once she eats, we should be able to get discharged assuming the temperature stays down.

So....we're closer to her getting out of the hospital and Maranda getting in....we just stay focused on one day at a time...if I can just remember what day it is!!


Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad to hear that lisa is feeling better, and don't worry, we all lose track of time once in a while! Just hang in there!!

Uncle Gerald said...

Aunt Delphine & Uncle Gerald continue to pray for all of you. So glad that the little one is moving around a little more. Speaking of losing time Delphine & I are never sure of what day it is. We'll be seeing your mother in-law tomorrow if the snow is not too deep. All our love. Gerry & Delphine

Uncle Gerald said...
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Terri Robertson said...

Hi Lisa,

We love you and are praying for you always! Love your little sis Lora and big sis Dixie and her Mom (me Terri) and the rest of the gang.

Hope tomorrow is a better day!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all. Let Maranda know we are praying for her as well.

The Kreagers