Thursday, November 13, 2008

7:25PM---yeah---she's out---

7:25pm---surgeon was ready to talk---a little bit of heart racing as we navigated through the hallways.

We were led to the little room....oh boy, hate the little room. But was good news. The surgeon said he got everything he could see and feel and seemed to be pretty confident. It was pretty intricate and there was a few times when he thought of taking out left kidney, but he kept at it and feels pretty good about the surgery. He then directed us to the ICU so we could go see her.

We reached the elevators and a nurse was holding the one elevator for a patient. We anxiously awaited the second elevator which, of course, was going down instead of up. Me, the queen of patience, tried to stay calm and wondered if I could convince the nurse to let me take the elevator she was holding. Nope, they rolled out the patient...a little kid knocked out cold, God bless the child and the family. As they rolled by I told Mike, how cute...look she has tattoos on her head just like was Lisa!! So we rode the elevator up with the team. We followed them thru the halls to her room and watched for a while as they exchanged notes and got her situated. After watching for a while we asked if they were ready for us and they said we could wait in the waiting room.

So...we went and gathered our late night visitors and shared the news. After that, Alan and Sharon headed home; Mary Jo and Sam headed to the ICU waiting area with us. As we wandered the halls we ran into Frank who was also wandering. Now we sit and wait in the waiting area as they get her situated.'s not over....but we're one step closer....thank you, thank you, thank you for all the prayers....I believe they've been answered!


Diane Ebeling said...

WOOHOO! One giant step closer! We think Lisa can do it, she's our hero!
love, Diane and JuliAnna

Anonymous said...

Awesome news!!!

Take care
The Kreagers

Jeanette said...

Thank you so much for the update, we will continue our prayers. Hugs to you all!

Anonymous said...

love you lisa! keep fighting all of you! Be strong - u r in my prayers!
Love Anne L