Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ho hum

Still here, not much change. Lisa is still spiking temperatures and she threw up again last hoo for me.

Surgeons are sending her for a CT scan at 2:00 to assess if there is still fluid in her abdomen so they can pull the drainage tube. I vote pull the damn's not draining so if there is fluid it's not working right and needs to go...if there is no fluid it needs to it. I'm 90 percent certain that is what's causing the temp spikes. They keep testing her blood and urine looking for infection....I think the infection is from the drainage.

Ugh.....she's sleeping now and is pretty peaceful....she's probably faking because she knows there a whole bunch of drugs lined up for her to take...the stinker!


Anonymous said...


Take care and I hope you get to enjoy a little of the holiday break!


Anonymous said...

So sorry you guys are still there. I was praying you could all spend Thanksgiving at home. I pray you have a nice one as nice as you can there in the hospital. I pray they remove the tube today something tells me you are probally right mothere's just know these things. Thanks for updating I am drawn to Lisa and praying for her each day.

Love, Kristen