Sunday, November 30, 2008


who is this kid??? has been a rough few nights....we may need to get an exorcist before Lisa's head spins all the way around. Last night from 12 - 6 we probably averaged 15minutes of sleep for every hour. No idea what is bothering her. We are keeping up on the pain meds, her temp is under control....but she is agitated. She tosses and turns and talks in her sleep and gets really mad. She did have one of those diaper moments that apparently makes her daddy proud, but even that didn't settle her down for very long. Finally at around 5am when I couldn't take it any longer, I asked the nurse to give her Valium...that lasted about 4 hours so we got some sleep. Lisa started moving around and had another proud diaper moment followed by the bucket dance....yeah...all for favorite thing! She basically didn't do much of anything today except for move from her bed and to the playroom couch.
The monotony was broken up by a visit from Uncle Frank and Aunt Kathy. Lisa chose to continue to lay on the couch in the playroom while we chatted. Another diaper moment had us racing back to her room. Once we had the situation under control, Lisa perked up and played some games with us. She stayed pretty alert until about 8:30 tonight when she finally crashed. Normally I'd be tickled pink about the early bed time...but I'm holding my breath that we make it past the midnight witching hour.
She is still not eating and there is still no strong indication of where the fever/infection is coming from. So far they've had some tests come back indicating it could be urinary tract or from her broviach. She's on some heavy duty antibiotics which should be taking care of the infections...but given her temp last night they added a third antibiotic to the regimen today. So hopefully we are finally making some headway. The surgical team mentioned taking another chest x-ray middle of this it doesn't sound like Lisa is getting out of here before Maranda is admitted.
Also...another small complication...because of the multiple poopy diaper dances, she is now on contact precautions again. Until they can test her "output" and get two negative results for C.diff, she is considered contagious and not allowed to play in any public areas. On the positive side...that means we won't be able to have a roommate....on the negative side...that will include Maranda this week. ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Let's hope Lisa can give two samples in the next day so we have good results back by the time Maranda is admitted and that they can stay together.

9:45 pm---well before I could even complete this blog entry Lisa provided a down, one to go.


Anonymous said...

Who knew you could get excited about poop! Good luck with #2, Ha! No pun intended!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Here's a new lyric:

Whoop de do for
Poop de do

Okay, I didn't say it was any good ;).

Sending warmth, love, and healing thoughts,