Sunday, August 3, 2008

We're checked back in

We're back and getting ready for chemo. Checked in around 8:30 tonight. Got the isolation's small, but it's private. I'm sure there are some bigger private rooms on the floor, but it seems like we have to put our time in to get them...each stay seems a step up.

The plan was that they would put an IV in tonight and draw some blood and get Lisa on some precautionary antibiotics. Nurse and doctor were both warned that Lisa was not an easy "poke" and I let them both know that I had made a promise to Lisa when she got her broviach that anyone who tries to poke her will get a punch in the nose from me. I told them I understand that she needs to get a "pic" line for tomorrow, but they need to sedate her somehow to do it. They can give her gas, a pill, knock her over the head with a brick...but she's not to know she's getting poked. They listened an ordered some Lorazepam that would help mellow her out. Considering she was sleeping we figured we were good. The tech came in and Lisa started much for being mellow. The tech looked up and down both arms and after careful scrutiny determined she couldn't find a vein that she'd be able to that was that.

It's 11:40 pm now and Lisa is wide awake....apparently we need to get her stronger meds!! The plan is if the next shift gets here and has a tech who thinks they can get the line in, they'll give it a try. Otherwise they will wait until morning when she goes to the O.R. for her new broviach. Makes sense to me...they can sedate her and then poke her. I think the concern is she needs some lab work done first. The doctor doing rounds said he gave orders not to do anything after 12:00 we will see.

I've had a few requests to set up a visit schedule so I will do that again. Because we are going to be here round the clock, I will just put Morning and Afternoon on the schedule and if you want to visit, you can just fill in the day and time that is convenient for you. There aren't many restrictions here...just that you be healthy (kids are welcome).

This round of chemo is going to be different say an extra prayer that Lisa handles this one as well as she did the first two rounds.

Good night all.


BookMama said...

Good luck with everything this week. Hope you don't have to punch anyone in the face.

Andrea S-R

Ashley Howley said...

Favorite quote of the week-

"They can give her gas, a pill, knock her over the head with a brick...but she's not to know she's getting poked."

Love you guys!!!!