Monday, August 11, 2008

Patience is not MY virture

Ok...once again, I've been reminded that patience isn't my strong suit. Today seemed to drag foreeevvvvverrrr. Unlike Mike, I did not feel rested and ready to get on with things. I felt edgy and anxious and just wanted to get this over.

Lisa and I were accompanied by Maranda when we started our day at 10:00 at Motts. We went to clinic for bloodwork. Then we had to wait until 11:00 to see doc. After a bit of a wait, he came in and let us know that Lisa's counts looked good, we were just waiting on her ANC number to know if chemo was a go. Around 12:00, he came in to let us know the numbers were good and he just needed to get bed and have us talk with head doc. I told him bed already was secured...he said great...he'd be back. At 1ish he finally reappeared with other doc...we chatted and they said as soon as bed was ready we would be on our way. Hunh? Thought we had it...more waiting. About 1:45, he told us we could go wait in playroom...well that was a relief seeing as Maranda and Lisa had just about run out of things to do in the exam room..(including dropping food crumbs all over the floor and dumping water on the computer) We went to the playroom, Maranda and Lisa started an art project and 5 minutes later the doc was back saying we were all set. Well, why rush now....I just let them finish their project. So about 4 hours later at about 2:00, we finally checked into Motts.

Feeling frustrated, I was not happy to see we were in a double room (even though they'd moved out the second bed with the hopes of a slow week and letting us have the room to ourselves). Maranda and Lisa went off to play and I vented to the nurse....not that there was anything they could do....I was just in a mood. It didn't help that a fellow chemo kid we know had their clinic appt 2 hours after us and checked into Motts after us but ended up in a single room. I guess I just haven't figured out who to bribe yet. Anyway, we will make the best of this and all will be fine. With the second bed out of the room we were able to have a family dinner (tacos from the Enright family---yumm!) right in the room and watch Beauty and the Beast. The kids were thrilled, dinner and a show!

Oh, did I mention they didn't even start Lisa on any hydration or drugs until 6:00? What's up with that? Annnnndddd....thankfully I was on the ball when they did finally start the chemo drugs and asked if they'd given Lisa her anti-nausea meds....oops..they forgot!!! That could've been messy. They stopped the chemo and ran the anti-nausea.....hopefully she'll do fine tonight. It's new drugs and the doc said they are the "pukey" one tell Lisa!

Need another prayer....this time for Maranda. We just found out Friday at her 6th grade physical that she has scoliosis. Now normally that type of news would be very unsettling for me, and while it's upsetting, I can at least console myself with the fact that it's not life threatening.

Apparently scoliosis runs in the McMaster family and most have been mild cases that just needed to be monitored. Let's hope that holds true for Maranda; we're waiting for the x-rays to come back. Once she adjusted to the shock of the news, she took it like a trooper. We researched and talked about it and she decided that if ..."If I have to wear a brace, I hope it's the Boston one, that doesn't look too bad and I can hide it under my clothes. However, I'd rather wear the big ugly Milwaukee brace than have surgery". Wow...what a great kid. Heck, I read the book Deenie when I was her age and was traumatized just by the thought of possibly getting scoliosis! It breaks my heart to think of of her having to wear a brace...I know we'll do what we have to do, but really! She's already facing a big year with entering junior high and puberty on the just doesn't seem fair that she have to deal with this. Please God, cut us some slack!!

Ok..that's it's for now.


BookMama said...

Linda, I have something for Lisa. Please see me at work next time you're at work! (Not that you wouldn't see me anyway. :) )

- Andrea

Jeanette said...

HI!! Glad I found the link for this website. Silent no more! :)