Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2 down, 2 to go

Two days down, two to go. Lisa is handling this chemo treatment very well...thank goodness!! Today she doesn't have much of an appetite, but she's still drinking so that's good. We're in the playroom and she's keeping busy and seems happy and content.

Because of the late start on Monday, she gets her chemo drugs in the evening. That means during the day it's all hydration, which mean we do the dash for the bathroom about every 20 minutes and she pees like a champ. Boy if there was an Olympic event for peeing...she'd take the gold!

The Maranda situation is not looking promising, she has a 30% curve. Our doc is looking to hook us up with a specialist. Typically they brace for anything 30 or above. I have to say this just totally bums me out. I know she'll be fine, I know we'll do what we need to do, I know we are all strong...but unfair. It's hard enough to be going into 6th grade and be on the verge of puberty and popularity...let alone dealing with a sister, who now that she is your "forever" sister may be called home to God because of cancer. Let's just throw scoliosis on top of all it. I'm sure we all remember what it's like to be a pre-teen starting junior high....those are some pretty geeky times...a brace is not going to make you feel like the belle of the ball. I'm still holding my breath and BEGGING God to not let her need a brace or surgery. I know that compared to a life threatening disease, scoliosis is a piece of cake, but I'd rather pass on that dessert for now.

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tom said...

Your faith in God, devotion to family, and sense of humor are inspirational. Mike and Linda, you are my heroes. Miranda, Chrissy, Thomas and Lisa are blessed to have you two as parents, and the rest of us are blessed to have you in our lives too.
You are in our thoughts and prayers.