Monday, August 4, 2008

And...we're back out of Motts

Ok...someone up there has a funny sense of humor. We finally get into a private room, I'm able to get a cot, I get all the furniture moved around and unpack for the week, all systems go. Around 2:00 today, I found out all systems are not go, but Lisa is...figures...we get a good room and only have to spend one night in it.

Blood draw today revealed that her platelets were low...low platelets, no chemo. So we get to pack everything back up and head home for another week...ARRRGHHH!

On a good note, they did get her broviach back in this morning. This required anesthesia which, now that I'm starting to get the hang of things, went quite well. There were no pokes and no extra meds, just a "big ole elephant mask" for her to put on and off she went. (Does anyone else out there feel a bit of panic when their kid is "put under"? It makes me feel very uneasy to watch her go from crying and fussing to slurring and stillness and then blankess and sleep...thank God the monitors are still beeping to indicate life.) Her return from sleepy land is always a pain. She is just angry and grummmppppy and generally starts saying "shut-up" and "I hate you" to anyone who tries to touch her.

She continued to fuss and yell at me for a good 1/2 hour once we returned to our room. She stopped long enough to shovel in pancakes, sausage and pears. She started fussing again until Maranda, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Anne and Lauren showed up. She was happy to see them and started alternating between happy and grumpy. They all hung out to help us pack up and Lisa was playing pretty well by the time we left. One last check of her bandages got her howling again, but Mom was ready to bust out of the joint. So with 4 helpers and one whiny child we left.

But we will return...apparently next Monday if her blood counts are good.


Anonymous said...

Someone just wants to keep you on your toes - or someone else needed the room more than you did. Better luck next time.


tom said...

You know....God in his infinite wisdom is putting you back home this week, in your own about those pancakes....I am hungry!