Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday 8/15

Mike Here--Good morning everybody. At least it's morning where I''m at while I'm typing this. It's also Friday, sunny, warm, with a beautiful weekend ahead and Lisa is getting discharged this morning. So that all sounds pretty darn good to me.

All things considered, Lisa did very well this past week. This round of chemo was said to be the "worst" as far as the side effects from the type of drugs used. Her appetite was next to nill the past two days and she did throw-up a time or two, but even one of the doctors said that's pretty good if that's all the trouble she's having.

Lisa's a trooper of a puker. She gets it up and out without all the fuss and wailing that some other family members might put you through, [names withheld] then she'll tell you she's hungry. Granted when the food came she turned green and couldn't stand the sight of it but she kept her composure and elected to just have the tray of food removed.

She's still in great spirits, albeit tired the past few days but that's probably due to the lack of eating.

So like I said, the weekend looks great and we intent to get out to enjoy it. I hope you all get a chance to do the same. I'll post a few photos of our Little Miss over the weekend so check back in...


Anonymous said...

So glad things went well this week. As always, thinking of you everyday. Have a great weekend.


Ashley Howley said...

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hve a great weekend. Glad to hear that Lisa tolerated the treatment well. Will keep you all in our prayers. Hope Maranda is doing well with the scoliosis.

Take care
The Kreagers
p.s. Lily loves your babysitter and wishes she was her big sister!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, looks like I left my comment too early about tolerating the treatment well. Hope the puke stopped and you were all able to enjoy some of this nice weather.

Take care