Monday, August 18, 2008

Lisa has her own song

Do you have your volume turned on? If you do, you'll hear a song that was written just for Lisa.

There is a non-profit organization called
Songs of Love that writes personalized songs for children facing medical, physical or emotional challenges free of charge. Motts put us in touch with them and we filled out a form that described Lisa. They took the information and created a song just for her. We got the cd in the mail today and it's been playing ever since...again and again and again.

To download the song or a ringtone, you can click
here and enter in McMaster in the Child's Last Name field and 16152 in the child's record number field. They are asking for a small donation to download which will go towards supporting their mission.

Happy listening...Lisa loves her song! of 3:00 this afternoon we have been puke free. She came marching into the kitchen and demanded a waffle. Yahoo!! Dinner was lots of buttered noodles. Mike is on wake-up call tonight, so if she does the 3:00 am thing again...he has to clean it up. Sweet dreams for me...I hope!


Diane said...

We love the song! What a wonderful thing that group did for Lisa. Happy to hear the puking is over (for now), it's the small things that keep you going sometimes! (I am also puke-o-phobic!)

our love to all of you!
Diane and JuliAnna

BookMama said...
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BookMama said...
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BookMama said...

Love the song! I turned the volume on and my son immediately ran into the room and started dancing. We had to listen to it several times. :)

- Andrea

BookMama said...

Hmm, not sure why that comment showed up four times. Guess I really liked the song!

BookMama said...

Good luck with starting round 4 of chemo this week. Hope the puking is kept to a minimum.


Jeanette said...

Love the song! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey McMaster Family,

Just wanted all of you to know that we are still following the blog and thinking of you daily. Much love and prayes to you!!!
Love, Lori

The Jimmy Cracked Corn CRAZY LADY!!!!