Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So Far So Good

Well today was my day to take Lisa for Chemo. She had a really good day and chemo wasn't all that bad. We started with check in at 9:30 and then hydration. Once she was hydrated they just kept switching bags of drugs and hydration and after about 8 hours it was time to go home.

In those 8 hours, we spent time painting, doing puzzles, celebrating another patient's birthday, reading books, playing games, taking a nap (Lisa, not me) getting a 10 min massage (me, not Lisa) and numerous trips to the bathroom (all that hydration makes a little girl gotta go).

We're very pleased with U of M/Motts. All the staff are helpful. The areas are very accommodating from Popsicles, to activities, to massages. They really are trying to help make the best of a bad situation.

Lisa was in a great mood and feeling pretty good today. She was up and about and playing. She actually ate both lunch and dinner today!! Yahoo.
Once we got home, we enjoyed a boat ride on the lake. She wanted faster and more bumps. It was definitely a good day.


cmrozman said...

Mike, Lisa and family -
I feel your pain. I know the thoughts, the questions the whirlwind of appointments, tests, two steps forward and five back. Your blog, at times, is hard to read because it brings back the memories I have not thought of for 12 years but my thoughts are with you and your challenges. My prayers are with you. How lucky you have this blog to share your thoughts one time with all to read. It will be a record of all you went through -not that you will want to relive it - but it becomes a cloud, a cloud you will in time see glimpses of sunshine through. Allow people to help, appreciate all who cross your path - the nurses, doctors, xray techs, those who draw the blood, etc.... they will be special people in your life. Godspeed for the first round!

Anonymous said...

So glad that my little sweetheart is having a good day today.
We are back from TEXAS this evening and we would love a Lisa fix. Let us know when we can come out to the lakehouse or if you need a sitter anytime SOON!

Missed you guys!

The Grendysas

Sarah Rumptz said...

Seriously.....I want to be able to put two popsicles in my mouth. Looks like fun!

We love you,

The Rumptz Family

Kindercare said...

We all wanted to send our prayers to you and your family. Lisa keep on fighting. We all love you and we will see you soon.


Miss Jennifer and all of us here at KIndercare

McCann Family said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you through this difficult time. Please know that Lisa is in our thoughts all the time! Sarah loves the picture of Lisa with two popscicles shoved in her mouth and wants to try to do that also.

Kathy, Kevan and Sarah

Anonymous said...

I think that the popsicle picture is one of the cutest things I have seen in a long time. Glad to see that she is feeling better and able to enjoy "kid stuff" including the bumpy boat ride. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

The kreagers

Ashley Howley said...

I LOVE her sailor Pooh shirt! That's awesome. And that cupcake looks SOOOO delicous!!!

Anonymous said...

Your family comes to mind often throughout the day. Lauren continues to pray for Lisa nightly. Today, Lauren wanted to call Lisa during dinner. I said no, maybe later - so she got out her toy phone and pretended to talk to Lisa herself. She wanted to know how her boo-boo was and if she could come over to play. We hope that you know and feel all the support that you are receiving from close and faraway.

BookMama said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are going reasonably well. Love the pictures - looks like Lisa's really staying in good spirits!

Andrea S-R