Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chemo Day 2

11:00 a.m. Day 2...just an add-on to the update below....talked to Lisa and Mike on the phone. They are at the hospital and Lisa sounds very happy and she even hopped this morning. Sounds like a small accomplishment, but given the pain she was in on Sat, hopping is good!!! Gotta like those painkillers!

Just a quick update. I can't give a lot of details as to the chemo treatment yesterday because Mike handled that and when he started to fill me in via phone, I got a little queasy. Let's just say the conversation started with "Lisa threw up before we even left the house". (Those of you that know me know that I'm not the person to have around when there is puking going on. Just typing the words is making me uneasy...and even though I'm a Mom it is still something I can't and don't plan to get used to!) The conversation then went something like this...had a temperature.... urinary tract infection (probably from stint), antibiotics,...she was pretty out of it... ....sent home IV bags.... we give shots....blood taken every week.......

OK, so I went into avoidance, info overload, shutdown, not listening, stop talking, arghhhh...thank God it was Mike and not me with her mode.

So....if we want more specifics, we'll have to get Mike to blog it. I spent my day carting the other kids around to appointments and pretending none of the Lisa stuff was happening. However, that fantasy will be short-lived because tonight I go on duty and stay with Lisa at the Lake House and do chemo treatment number 3 tomorrow.

I can say that by the time Mike and Lisa returned from the hospital after 8 hours at Motts yesterday, Lisa was very well hydrated, her temperature had broken and she was sounding much perkier on the phone.

So more to come...keep praying.

And a big thanks to Laura for coordinating the meal drop offs and to all of you doing the cooking. Also thanks to Laura for sharing the "cocoa bean" moment last night!!! I feel years younger!


anne said...

Hi Linda,
Had this on my frig. for 14 years,liked the sentiment but guess it was meant for you.
Ardis Whitman:
Hope for the moment.There are times when it is hard to beleive in the future,when we are not brave enough.When this happens concentrate on the present.Cultivate le petit bonheur(the little happiness) until courage returns.Look forward to the beauty of the next moment,the next hour,the promise of a good meal,sleep,a book, a movie, the likelihood that tonight the stars will shine and tommorrow the sun will shine. Sink roots into the present until the strenght grows to think about tomorrow........ ps
went to one yard sale the other day there on the table a brand new shing key chain with beleive..picked it up for you and the green scapula is ordered and on it's way....My whole family continues to pray . Love Anne

Ashley Howley said...

Hey Family,
I am just learned of the misadventure you guys have been thrusted in. It's so intense I don't even know what to say. Know that I am praying for you guys, always. And if there is anything I can do, please let me know ASAP! My e-mail is howleyai@lpd18.navy.mil
You can reach me there everyday any day.
Love Always,
Ashley Howley (Uncle Dorks favorite eldest daughter)

BookMama said...

Just wanted to let you know that Tim and I are thinking of you and sending the family positive thoughts. Hope all is going well with the chemo, relatively speaking.

Andrea S-R