Friday, June 20, 2008

It's all relative

Maranda and the babysitter/zookeeper have decorated the house and we've got presents and's going to be a good day to turn 9!

We've had our share of challenges and we've managed to survive...what else can you do? This is just one more challenge that will make us stronger and help us grow. Please God bless us and give us strength to work through this and still appreciate and love one another...this is a heavy cross you've given us to bear, but as we always say "Allah will provide"

Yesterday was an easy day for Lisa. I find it interesting that the definition of "easy" has a whole new meaning from what it had two weeks ago....amazing how quickly humans adapt to a situation....I guess it is all relative to what you've personally experienced.

Hi to all the vistors I missed who came to see Lisa yesterday. We were glad that Dixie (Lisa, Thomas, and Christina's oldest sister) was able to come out and visit with's a long drive from Marlette for her and her family but they made the trip.

Today Mike will take Lisa to the dentist to make sure she gets any cavities filled. Thanks to Therese and Bill for helping us out with this. Once they return to the hospital, Lisa will get a bone scan and another MRI, the final tests to make sure they have all the markers and info they need. After the tests are run, she should be able to come home for the weekend. She will start chemo on Monday and that will be done as an outpatient for this round of it will still be long days at the hospital next week, but if all goes well, we can all be home at night.

Hopefully Mike and I can meet with the doctors while she is under for the procedures to discuss what our life will be like. With both of us planning on continuing work, we need to figure out exactly when we will need to be with Lisa. The days of chemo treatment are obvious, but what are the days in between going to be like. Will she be groggy? Will she be ill? Will she be bedridden? Will she be running around like a nut job because she's three and kids handle this stuff so much better?

We have our babysitter, aka Zookeeper, aka Lisa Foster who is wonderful and was already signed up to watch the kids for summer before all this happened. We're just not sure how much extra care Lisa is going to require and how to handle that.

So....we are moving forward...trying to stay positive....working to figure out how all this works and what our norm will be as a family....instead of being a family with foster kids, we are now a family coping with cancer.

Keep praying...keep living....keep enjoying life to it's fullest!

Love, Mike, Linda, Maranda, Thomas, Christina, Lisa


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and Happy weekend at home together :).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Linda and Mike,

I am not working right now. If you need me to be with Lisa. I would be Honored. I can watch her symptoms. I am not a nurse but I have experience with kids in need. If you need me let me know.


Anonymous said...

I too can be a second adult to help the babysitter with Lisa and the rest of the clan...maybe we could set up a schedule like the meal one for people to help out with Lisa when you guys are at work or just need a break...let me know.
Sam...your sis (I did write Sister Sam, but just didn't fit)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Christina! Happy anniversary Mike and Linda! Just finished reading and trying to comprehend and catch up on what all you have been through. I am sorry I didnt know about this earlier and offer any support. I thank you for letting me know now. Much love and prayers and if I can help please just say so. Anything.
Love Janet with Jim and mine