Thursday, June 12, 2008

Preliminary Diagnosis

Okay...not the "growth" I had in mind when I set this up....but perhaps an easy way to keep people updated.

After 3 months of intermittent leg pain and limping that comes and goes and after many blood tests, xrays and scans the doctors at U of M admitted Lisa for more testing yesterday. Based on early indicators they are 75% certain she has some type of cancer most likely leukemia or neuroblastoma. They will run a few more tests today to determine which type of cancer (reading between the various "doctors lines" from yesterday, it does not seem to be a question of "does she have cancer" it is a question of "what kind of cancer")

So...Mike and her spent last night at hospital. Today they will do a CT scan and test her bone marrow. She will most likely stay there again tonight. Final diagnosis will dictate treatment. If leukemia, they will most likely start treatment immediately meaning she won't be released until next week. If neuroblastoma, she will need more testing and they will probably send her home until the test can be done and they can determine treatment.

Lisa is still her cute little self. She's put up with a lot of poking and still manages to giggle when she feels okay. The leg pain was pretty bad this weekend and she keeps spiking fevers so she does get cranky when her temps up at 101 (who wouldn't) The best I can describe is she looks achy and she hurts when she moves. Once she gets doped up on Tylenol, she's up and about as usual with the limp that started all this.

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