Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yeah...Lisa is back home!

Lisa returned home today....yeah. She's looking better and up and about. Still on some meds to help her with the sores, but at least she's eating and drinking.

She will be going to Motts on Friday (hopefully as outpatient) to have GFR test (this will measure her level of kidney function and assure they are still working properly so she can continue with chemo treatments.)

Chemo #5 is scheduled to begin on Monday. I personally am dreading it. These were the drugs that hit her hard last time. With the week we had this week, I'm a little worried she's not as strong as she was the last time and that is going to make it even tougher. We have a few days to get her eating and "fatten" her up. Based on the last times she got these drugs we anticipate her not being able to eat/keep food down for almost 1 1/2 weeks.

Not sure about Mike, but I'll welcome visits from anyone during chemo week and the week after...especially if you don't mind helping hold a bucket. This is not my strong suit and I'm already filled with anxiety over the thought of watching her go thru this again.



BookMama said...

Glad to hear that Lisa is home and doing better. Here's hoping you have a good few days before chemo starts up again on Monday.

- Andrea S-R

Anonymous said...

hey guys, it's me again! i'm happy to hear lisa is doing better. i miss you guys so much. P.S. I love your song on the blog, lisa!

-jessica holowicki

Jeanette said...

Wish I could come visit and help out! But I'm keeping you all in my prayers.
Lots of love to you all!