Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chemo Round 4 Begins Today

If all goes well and blood counts are good, Lisa will start her 4th treatment today. Another round of new drugs so not sure what the side effects will be. This cocktail of drugs is given over 3 days, but one of them she gets for 24 hours each day (at least that's how I interpret the paperwork).

She has been doing great, but I'm a little anxious....the thought of giving her drugs with such strong side effects is a bit disturbing. I know we are trying to fight a bigger evil, but it's so hard to watch. I'll just have to stay vigilant with my mantra "day by day".

The kids are excited about school but wish they had a few more weeks of vacation....I totally agree with that one.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend.

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BookMama said...

Hope everything goes as planned and Lisa is able to start round four today. My thoughts are with you.

- Andrea S-R