Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blasted Side Effects--one week later! chemo has been over for a week and we're thinking we are free and clear because Lisa has been running around like a nut on caffeine. Thursday she started slowing down a bit. Friday she went for a transfusion with Mike. When I finally saw her Friday night she didn't look quite right. Her temp was edging up, down and all around getting very near to the feared 100.5 a few times. Mike and I were dreading having to make a trip to Motts. After a while I asked the kids if her tongue looked swollen....everyone looked at me like my head was swollen. Nobody but me seemed to think her tongue looked odd.

2:00 in the morning she wakes up crying...she has a huge sore on her lip and shes crying her mouth hurts. Crap...mouth sores...a side effect of we've not dealt with before and have no idea what to do especially in the middle of the night. After consulting Mike, I find out that Lisa hasn't really drank or ate much all day...uhoh....mouth sores, fluctuating temp, and possible dehydration. We weigh the Motts or live in denial and know the risks for Lisa. We choose to live in a very "alert" form of denial. I spend most of the night taking her temp and giving her ice to suck on. Finally, it occurs to Mike and I that if we give her Benadryl it might ease some of the pain and help her sleep. God bless Benadryl. It gives me 3 hrs of sleep.

At about 8 this morning Mike and I reassess. Given we are still toying with the same circumstances we call Motts. Doctor on call prescribes a "magic mouth" medicine that Lisa is to rinse with and it will numb her mouth and alleviate the pain and also prescribes some tylenol/codeine. We're all very aware of her precarious position having not eaten or drank in 24 hours.

We get RX around noon. The numbing rinse me...I tried it. Problem is, how do you get a 4 year old who feels like hell, and won't even drink water to put some thick pink rinse in her mouth. Apparently you can't. We get a little in. She continues to walk around looking awful and her temp is dangerously close to the 100.5 three testings in a row. Finally, we reside ourselves to the fact that we're going to have to take her to Motts. We call the doctor again. He suggests trying the Tylenol/Codeine. This is a last resort, because while it will help her feel better it can also mask a temperature which could be a sign of infection which needs to be fought immediately given she has no immune system right now. We give it to her with explicit orders from the doc to keep a close eye on temp (now it can't hit 100.4) and to call him at 8:00 to reasess her condition. If she hasn't eaten or drank anything by then, she'll be going in.

It's 6:52 as I write. She's standing by me crying and breaking crackers. She keeps asking for food, but nothing taste good to her. She has had a few popsicles and some water, so that's a start. walks in from Scott's next door....Chrissy volunteers to take Lisa's temp. 100.7..crap...gotta go. Off to Motts.

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