Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chemo 5

Well it has begun. We checked into the hospital late Monday afternoon. Typical protocol for this chemo round is hydration all day and the chemo drugs at night.

This round of drugs is the one that had Lisa throwing up for two weeks; so we're keeping our fingers crossed and the docs have prescribed additional drugs for nausea that will hopefully help.

Tonight for some reason she was extremely unhappy and uncomfortable. Around 8:00 she threw a colossal temper tantrum that included screaming, crying, kicking and throwing things. After 1/2 hour of that, I had her nurse come in and we decided to give her some Benadryl. She calmed down for about 20 minutes and then fell asleep. She woke from the sleep kicking and fighting at about 9:15. The nurse came in again and brought the doctor. They thought Lisa might be having a reaction to Benadryl, but we ruled it out because she's had it before and she was acting up before getting the Benadryl. We discussed any other possible drug reactions as she continued to scream, kick and holler. She finally ran out of steam and fell asleep around 9:45 and so far there have just been a few whimpers. Hopefully, she'll sleep peacefully through the night.

People have been asking about visiting....the more the merrier we say! As long as you are healthy, visits are welcome and you can pretty much come any time of day. Again, a warning to those of you with a weak stomach, these drugs can hit Lisa pretty hard so she might be moody and doing the bucket thing.

If anyone is available Friday from 11-2 to stay at the hospital with Lisa, let me know. I have an opportunity to attend a lunch where Jamie Lee Curtis is speaking and giving out signed copies of her latest book. I really want to go, but feel a bit guility leaving Lisa here alone with just nursing staff. This is the time the side effects of the drugs really start showing, but if that doesn't bother you and you have the time on Friday, I would really appreciate the help.


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Anonymous said...

I'll be there around 11 on Friday and will stay until 2 with Lisa.

Pam Dear