Thursday, September 11, 2008

I hate singing my ABCs

"ABCDEFG, I hate singing my ABCs"....ahh ....the spirit of a 4 yr old. When I asked Lisa to wash her hands the other day and reminded her to sing her ABCs so she would wash long enough, that is the little ditty I heard coming from the bathroom.

Lisa has been doing great. Her spirits have been high and her energy higher...I swear whatever is in the chemo drug Cyclophosphamide....I want some. She runs circles around all of us.

Her blood counts came back today and her hemoglobin is low so she will go to Motts in the morning to get a transfusion.

Rest of kids are doing great and adjusting to school.

Maranda turned 11 today...Happy Birthday Maranda!


Ashley Howley said...

Lucky!!!! That's an AWESOME Hannah Montana Game!!!!

Uncle Dork said...

WAHOO! Congratulations Miranda! HOw is that possible that you are 11 now? When did 8, 9 and 10 happen?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Miranda!! From Jacob and Stephen. Have a great weekend and good luck tomorrow.

The Rumptz Family!