Monday, September 3, 2012


In honor of Lisa and all the other childhood cancer warriors, we are having our third annual fundraiser...BLAST...on 9/15 at St John Neumann Church in Canton.

I want to put together a Childhood Cancer WARRIOR WALL and am looking for warriors who would be willing to share some pictures and information for the wall.

If you know of a child who has waged war with cancer and is willing to share their fight with us, please have them email the information below to

Age Now:
Age at Diagnosis:
What city do you live in:
Name of school:
Favorite thing to do for fun:
Favorite sport:
Is/was (s)he on any teams/clubs
Favorite pro team:
Favorite color:
Describe personality in 2-3 words
Finish this sentence: "Child's name" can........
Name of cancer diagnosed with:
What type of treaments she had/will have
Cure rate for this type of cancer
Attach a few pictures of your warrior

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