Tuesday, September 11, 2012

15 years ago, in the hospital

Maranda was born!!! Yeah...finally a great memory of being in a hospital.

Lisa was supposed to have chemo this week but after sitting in the clinc for almost 5 hours yesterday, we found out her counts were too low.  Very disappointing, aggravating and frightening as this is yet another week with no treatment which only gives the cancer a chance to become victor.

We are facing this setback by throwing ourselves full force into preparing for BLAST this coming weekend.  There are ribbons to make, raffles to create, signage, organizing volunteers....definitely enough to distract us.

We are not the only ones on a mission to raise awareness re:childhood cancer and it's need for awareness, funding and research.  Last week, the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon was on and unlike previous years where childhood cancer was barely mentioned, there were numerous references about childhood cancer including Julia Roberts sharing the statistic  that cancer "kills a child every four hours in this country.", stories of two children with cancer being highlighted in different segments and having Taylor Swift perform her song Ronan.  A song so moving, it  took over the No. 1 spot on iTunes displacing Taylor's other song We are Never Ever Getting Back Together from the the No. 1 spot on iTunes where it had been for the last three weeks.

For those of you who would like to watch the show...you can see it here.  If you would like to hear Taylor Swift's song, click here....so much of it really hits home for me...you might want to grab a box of kleenex before listening!

So...it is happening...slowly, but it is....awareness re: childhood cancer is building which will bring funding which will provide more research which someday will help find a cure...hopefully that day is not too late.

And, we will continue to do our part and try to raise awareness by having a BLAST....hopefully you will join us in our efforts this weekend:)

Keep the prayers coming!


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