Wednesday, September 26, 2012

28 Kids diagnosed with cancer every day

Sadly, a childhood friend of mine just shared that yet another child has entered the war.  Her 18 year old son's best friend was diagnosed with a brain cancer after a 9 hour biopsy surgery on Monday.  His name is Ian and he is 17 yr old  freshman at U of M.  Please send up some prayers for Ian and his family.

Thank you to all of you who have offered prayers, kind thoughts and words of inspiration as Lisa continues her fight.  As usual, she looks great, all things considered.  Today was day 3 of chemo and so far she's been to school each morning, seems to be feeling ok and her counts are holding.  She continues to make us smile and laugh with her independence and humorous one-line answers. 

I love this little girl so much and continue to hope, pray and believe a miracle will occur to help her beat the odds.  A close friend of ours  has a distant cousin (Elisabeth Bergeron) who John Paul II declared Venerable, which basically means she needs a miracle to become a saint within the Catholic Church.  I say we all start asking and praying to Elisabeth to  provide us a's a win/win situation in my book....she gets to become a saint, we get to keep our daughter here on earth.

Please continue to pray for Lisa and all the warriors.

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