Friday, September 14, 2012

1 More day to BLAST...who has spirit?

One more day to the big event...wohoo....we are busy little bees that is for sure.  If you are interested in helping out tomorrow be sure to give us shout....we've got lots going on with raffles, food, prizes, games...what is that old saying ...the more hands, the lighter the load??

Just a quick shout out to St John Neumann for showing so much spirit and Going Gold.  Not only are they allowing us to use their facilties for the event, they've allowed us to plaster their doors and lawn with signs AND the girls volleyball team laced up their shoes with GOLD!! Way to go girls!

Going Gold is also happening at the Plymouth Canton Highschools....we've gotten the okay for some of the cheerleaders to wear Gold Ribbons and the football players will be placing Gold Ribbon decals on their helmets (thanks to the Millen family at PaintProtectionPlusLLC for making this happen!)

Central Middle school is selling suckers to raise awareness and money.  East Middle school has fliers posted.  Hulsing Grade school is sending home fliers.

So, what are you doing to raise awareness?  Are you handing out ribbons, selling suckers, are you wearing GOLD?  If you don't have any, come see us tomorrow...we'll help you out:)

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