Friday, August 3, 2012

Scan Results:)

Lisa's nurse shared the news yesterday:
CT scan: stable
MRI of head:stable
MIBG scan: mixed bag.....more uptake in some of the bony areas, but there was one small are of improvement?!

We are still waiting for the doctor to review the finding but based on what he told me Tuesday, I'm pretty sure that Lisa will be doing the MIBG Radiation/Isolation treatment next week.  Her brain scan, which was his biggest concern, had no new areas of activity.

How the heck there was an improvement in one are of her leg bone is a total mystery.  She's not had any treatment for over 5 weeks.   For a few moments, I indulge in the fantasy that her body has finally figured out how to cure itself and if we just quit all treatment her body would do it's own thing and cure its self.  Reality crashes into the fantasy when I think about all the other areas that showed an increase in growth....most likely, that area of improvement was just a misread of a scan or some other anomaly....but will take improvement any way we can get it.

Soooooo, unless the doctor says differently, next week Wed Lisa will be admitted for high dose MIBG radiation and be in isolation.  Looks like my weekend will be spent putting together some items that she can take into the room but won't miss when she has to leave them behind:)

Fingers crossed and prayers going up that Lisa sails thru this treatment as easily as she did before.

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Fairen Davidson said...

She's in our prayers, please tell her Macey said "Hi Lisa I miss you & hope we have the same teacher".... & I'd still love to speak to you... whenever you get the time (: Good luck this week