Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Prayer chain

I was just getting ready to head out the door, but have been stopped by a very loud nagging in my head that has directed me to post a request for a prayer chain.  My mother always said when two or more people pray together God will answer. I ask that all those of you who are reading, please set your watches for 11am, 2pm, 5pm and 8pm est today and say a prayer for Lisa.  Pray that she recovers from this and is able to have many, many more pain-free, healthy quality days with us on earth. 

Mike's update from the night was as follows:
She’s resting and sleeping so I’m guessing that her pain is manageable while she is laying still. She did get up to go to the bathroom twice during the night with a lot of pain. She’s very unsteady too but that is in part due to the heavy meds. She did wet the bed a little the first time so she’s out of underwear and pants and into those peach diapers. The second time the diaper was wet too.
Last morphine was given at 11PM last night. After midnight her breathing slowed to only 7 breaths per minute, her oxygen level was still good, but they’re temporarily holding off on the morphine so she’s not too out of it. She’s not complaining and resting quietly.
She had a fever of 101.3 this morning at about 5:30 so they gave her Tylenol.
And she just asked me for a hug.


daniel tranchida said...

All our prayers go out to her, I asked my 2 kids who was heading to school today for reading. To make a special prayer through there school and church. I will set my alarm today fo the special times.

Diana Romanowski said...

We will be praying with you... Sending hugs to Lisa. Diana Romanowski

Anonymous said...

We are praying with many friends of mine as well as those in prayer groups in churches for Lisa and your family. Thoughts of love to all of you. Karen Mattson

Ashley Howley said...

Sicily is praying!!!!

Anonymous said...

Prayers to Lisa and you!!!! God you Lisa...Jay Jay Zaia