Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life is a Bumpy Cake

I make plans, God laughs.  I change my plans and God laughs harder.  All these little bumps laid before us are what they are. We can attempt to avoid them or we can slow down look a little closer.  Life IS a bumpy cake and sometimes, as with the cake, those bumps are the best part.

Eight years ago on August 20th I brought home two special little kids named Thomas (6) and Christina (5). I can vividly remember picking them up at the agency and thinking, “these kids are so adorable there's no way they’ll be with us very long”.  Less than two weeks later we picked up their 5 day old sister Lisa at a Sunoco station just North of Ann Arbor. Seriously.  So there we were at home later in the evening amazed at going from one child to four in the span of about ten days, and here we are 8 years later bumping along. Four kids, four bumps on a bumpy cake, coincidence?

So as you can see our four little bumps have grown. (Maranda is away with her cousin at the time of this photo) They are undoubtedly the best part because without them we’d be left with just a boring chocolate cake. Boring! There were, are, and will be more bumps (A certain neurotic Dalmatian named Chief comes to mind, BUMP) and we’ll celebrate each bump in turn. Maybe with a bumpy cake.

I’m recalling one unrelated bump on a hunting trip years ago.  It was dubbed an “incident” and it involved a leaky propane tank on a gas grill. After the flames were all extinguished and everyone was accounted for, I remarked “it’s starting to get funny now”.   I hope that when I look back on all the bumps I can still make the same remark because sure enough God will still be laughing.