Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Please Pray, Pray, Pray

Please pray....Lisa is not doing well....she has had pain in her back ever since bone marrow biopsy last week.  The pain progressed to her legs this weekend and walking became more and more difficult.  Today I went to check on her before I left for work and she looked awful.  She had spiked a temperature and could not get out of bed.

I took her to ER where we spent most of the day until we were finally admitted to the 7th floor at about 3:00.  She is being treated for possible infection but until blood tests come back we have no way of knowing what the problem infection or cancer progressing. We now wait to see what cultures show over next few days and whether she can regain her strength. This situation has made isolation radiation too risky and now we wait to see if she can recover from this to determine next steps.

Her spirit is still strong, but her body is aching.  I have much more to say, but I cannot write, the tears have overcome me and the fear has me shutting down.

Pray, pray, cannot be her time....pray, don't stop believing....BELIEVE, PRAY, BEG...please.


Thandi said...

Praying for her and for you.May this be temporary and fix-able.

Anonymous said...

I pray for her everyday. I will pray harder for brave Lisa and your family.

Karin Nagle

Anonymous said...

Pray pray pray......yes beg beg beg she look so great Saturday.......prayers and tears from the sister. Her picture with Miranda from the fundraiser is on my wall. praying

Anonymous said...

Been praying for your little princess. Begging this is only temporary setback. -The Bertorellos

Anonymous said...

I am so sad about this turn of events. We are praying and hoping that this is just a minor setback and we'll see Lisa playing on the swing and climbing the tree house in a few days. Love, Debbie and Bob.