Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Lisa is doing very well and feeling  pretty great. She is having some hearing loss that we need to get checked out and is on my never ending list of things to get done.  She is scheduled today for appts and tomorrow for scans.    She is happy, energetic and loving life.

I, on the other hand, am feeling frustrated and catch myself sighing a lot lately.   I can't seem to get anything done. Today would be the perfect example.  We knew Lisa was scheduled for scans this week.  We did not know until last night when we got a call from anesthesia that she was scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy today.  I called last night trying to get details only to be told she was on the schedule.   I was a bit frustrated because that tacks on another 3 hrs to the schedule today and means Lisa has to be put under for a 10 min procedure today and then tomorrow will be expected to lay still for a 2.5+ hr procedure.

Frustrated, I was sending emails and making calls like crazy this morning to get it all re-arranged.  Thankfully, I have the number straight to the head nuclear med tech. She was able to get the biopsy moved to tomorrow so they can sedate Lisa and have all the procedures done at one time making today a short day and tomorrow a long day (still better than two long days:)

You would think I would be thankful that I gained 3 hours of my day back, but instead I find myself sighing because things went from rushing to getting ready for the hospital to having a 7 year old standing there saying she's not going to school because she's ready for the hospital and wants to stay in her pajamas.  Fine.  But as I try and get my work done, this same 7 year old asked for (and got) a trip to Dunkin Donuts for a donut that she was supposed to eat quietly while I worked.  The donut is still sitting right next to me as I sigh and salivate and the 7 year old is running around the house not interested in the donut anymore.  We now have 45 minutes left until we go and the 7 year old has just bribed me out of a whole 10 cents if she gets her clothes and takes a shower.  She is now crawling on the floor looking for her dropped money.

Donut not eaten, shower not done, minimal work accomplished. I'm trying really hard to get things done...but, sigh...it's just not happening today:)

Thank goodness the sun is shining and its a warm 49 degrees here in Michigan...I think maybe I've got spring fever:)

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