Sunday, January 8, 2012

Scans look better

That is the message we got from Lisa's nurse last week.  We will find out what exactly "better" means at Lisa's appointment on Tuesday.   To hear those words definitely buoys our spirits and makes me give thanks to God for listening to my prayers.  Since the 1st of the year, my prayers have been quite  repetitive and went something like this.."I just want the miracle, I just want Lisa's cancer to go explanations, no reasons necessary....just that it is gone from her body...and we can put these past three years behind us"

When I think about the close call Lisa had in October and hear about other cancer patients who have lost the fight, I know we are truly blessed and that God has been watching over Lisa.  She is such a wonderful child, I just wish she did not have such a huge cross to carry.  I cannot imagine life without her, so I will continue my mantra and prayers to God and ask for the miracle of a cure.

Please continue to pray for Lisa as we find out what treatment options are available to her and that which ever treatment we choose is not too harsh on her body.

Hope everyone has a great week as we settle back into our post-holiday routines!

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