Sunday, January 15, 2012

Miracle, one little bit at a time

Last week went very well.  The doctors said that scans showed the disease was less active in some areas!!  This is great news considering all we have been conditioned to hope for is that the disease does not progress. Wonderful!  Thank you God!  We will take our miracle one little bit at a time.
There is a study opening up that doctors are hopeful will be beneficial to Lisa.  It is the study that we talked about doing a year ago, but Lisa was still wearing a pull up at night.  The study is currently being revised to add a chemo agent to it.  The hope is that a spot will open this week and Lisa can be enrolled into the study.  Of course, it comes down to timing.  We need her to have disease, but not too much or too little.  Her counts have to be in good shape along with general health, etc. She also needs to have scans that have been completed 2 weeks prior to her starting .   

Based on all the timing issues of the study, the docs decided that two days of chemo would be all Lisa would get this last week.  The hope is that this would be enough chemo to keep her disease from increasing, but not enough to knock her counts down too low.  So far, so good. She's been happy and playful all week and weekend. If she gets on study, she'll have to repeat the scans she just did to be within the two week time frame and then will start on the study the first week of February. 
We will know about study spot by end of this week....fingers crossed....God has already shown his power by showing improvement on the scans...hoping he chooses to bless us with THE miracle and removes all the cancer from her body this year:)


Anonymous said...

Fingers and toes crossed!


Anonymous said...

Adding my thoughts and prayers!


Tom said...

God's miracles continue and His love shines through you and your family. We continue to pray...