Sunday, February 5, 2012

Totally Tubular

Good Morning everyone. It's a beautiful February Sunday morning in Michigan. At least I think this is Michigan. It's hard to tell due to the warm temperatures and lack of snow. I saw some kids making a snowman the other day but they were using trash bags. I can remember when we actually had the cold stuff to work with.

Lisa has been looking an feeling great lately but she was having a lot of trouble hearing the past few weeks. We were concerned that the chemo was the culprit and that is still a possibility but the Dr. appointment last week definitely helped. Linda said they cleaned out a bunch of "gunk" and the old tube that was in there and she seems to be hearing better. Tomorrow [Monday] I'm going to take her to get a new set of tubes put in. This will be her third set. I can remember her first set like it was only 5 years ago. Back then we were so concerned, as any parent would be. It's funny how this sort of procedure gets minimized in my mind after all she's been through. If you have a moment, send some positive thoughts her way.

On Tuesday Lisa begins her participation in a new clinical trial that will keep her home for then next 6-8 weeks. If not at home then confined to sparsely populated areas. On Tuesday, and every Tuesday for then next few weeks, she'll be given a dose of a virus called the "Seneca Valley Virus" that has been shown to enjoy munching on cancerous neuroblastoma tumors. Let's hope its hungry. The study will help determine how much of a does the kids should get. There's plenty of information out there if you are interested in learning more about it. Search for "Seneca Valley Virus Neuroblastoma" if you are so inclined. Lisa's isolation is precautionary only and she'll be closely monitored during the entire course of the trial. We'll post any significant updates here as we go.

That's about all I got at the moment folks. Enjoy the big game today and send Lisa your best and have a great February.


Pam n Tom said...

Thanks for the continued updates. There's not a day that goes by that we don't think of Lisa and your family...daily prayers continue for you all!

Melissa & Kevin Henderson said...

We'll keep Lisa in our prayers! She's on our prayer list at church, too.

Anonymous said...

Our family is always praying for Lisa, at home and at church. Lauren is really going to miss Lisa in class while she's gone. They eat together and play at recess every day! Our best to everyone.
Debbie & Lauren Hummer