Monday, February 27, 2012

Scans this week--prayers for Lisa and Bridgie!!

Scans are this week.  Lisa has been saying she thinks her cancer is gone.  Wow!  That would be awesome and surely the miracle I've been waiting for.  She looks and feels good and has more energy than me (although that's not saying much!)  Please continue to pray that things go well.

Also, special prayers for our friend Bridget the Brave...another young cancer warrior.   She has been fighting as long as Lisa against an unusual brain cancer that leaves doctors guessing at treatments and unfortunately causes seizures that sometimes can't be controlled.  They were in Ottowa, IL last week for the funeral of her grandma who was also a cancer warrior.  Bridget began having seizures and had to be life flighted to St Francis/Children's Hospital of Illinois last Thursday. This was posted yesterday by her Mom after their attempt to head home Saturday was thwarted by another seizure.

"Bridgie had a very rough day with many uncontrolled seizures. She is still seizing, though she has intermittent times when she is seizure free. The seizures seem to be focal, just one region of the brain so they are trying to get them to stop with the least amount of intervention. The problem with giving some of the drugs that would likely stop them is that she could end up on a breathing tube and need sedation. The sedation would then make it difficult to tell where she was at seizure.

She is having some trouble breathing comfortably as she is so exhausted. It sounds pretty scary, though her oxygen numbers seem to be fine. I am just worried it is wearing her out.

We were literally minutes from driving home yesterday with her. The car and kids were loaded up, discharge papers ready and Bridget was dressed. The nurse had to wait for theHeparin to deaccess her port. Right as the nurse went to remove the needle from her port which provides easy access to her blood vessels, Bridget started having a convulsive seizure. We are thanking God today for a slow pharmacy! We would have literally been on the road if she seized 5 minutes later!!! AS her nurse said, " It's a God thing" We were still in shock even hours later. It made me wonder how many inconveniences have spared us greater trial. God is good.
Today Bridget seizures have been longer than usual, some over an hour. Seizures are so scary. You feel so tremendously helpless. We are hoping they can get some control in the next day and figure out a safe way to get us home.

We are grateful for the tremendous outpouring of prayers with so many of you taking special time to pray and to pass on the request to your friends and family. We are truly blessed to have so many praying for Bridget, our sweet girl. Please keep bombarding Heaven with prayers for Bridget's healing. We know if God chooses not to answer these prayers in the way we would choose, it is not from want of asking. We are so grateful for that. everyday with joy."

Please God....remove cancer from childhood diseases.  These children are too young to have to fight so hard.  Please God....continue to give the family members is so hard on everyone.  The moms and dads who carry on and hope that they are making the right decisions for their children, the siblings who have to live life as "usual" why they watch their loved one in pain and agony, the grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends who all stand by willing and able to help, but nobody really knows how to make it all go away.  Please God...make cancer go away, not our children!

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Thinking of you all and your friend. Sending prayers your way!!

The Kreagers