Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Update

Mike here at the controls:
Lisa perked up a bit Wednesday and began eating pretzel rods and Frito Cheddar Cheese Dip. (Hey at that point we'd let her eat the sheets if it meant getting something in her.) She also began drinking more water which was probably the result of eating the salty pretzels.
Lisa was discharged Thursday at about 6PM and I took her to the cottage because Christina, our 11 year old, came down with a temperature of 99.5 on Wednesday and 101.5 on Thursday. I couldn't take Lisa home with a bug in the air. So here we are for the next couple days.
Lisa was sent home with with her port accessed and HomeMed delivered a weeks worth of IV treatments. We'll run these during the night to keep her hydrated.
She's sleeping a lot and mentions more and more that her legs or something is sore. Lisa doesn't complain. It's more of an observation of hers when something hurts. It's an ominous thought that I have at those moments that things aren't going quite as planned.
Next week will be a "scan week" and we'll know how well Lisa is doing on the inside. Barring any bumps along the way we'll be holding our breath until afterward and won't update the blog.
Say a prayer, light a candle, work the beads, whatever you got she needs it now. Thanks for sending any positive thoughts you can spare.


Lynn said...

Sending Lisa and all of you my best mojo, juju, and tons of peaceful, loving, healing energy. Take care.

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you, sweet Lisa!

Anonymous said...

Sending much positive energy to all. So glad you ca can be at the cottage while Chrissy heals. I amn so glad you are there for one another. Love Pam.

Anonymous said...

hey lisa, hope you have a happy valentine's day, little girl! i would send you a couple roses and maybe some chocolates to perk you up if i could. stay strong and i'll keep you in my prayers. love you so much!

<3 jessica h.

Emily's Family said...

Thinking of you and your family during this time.

Anonymous said...

Mike/Linda/Lisa Our prayers are continuous daily at Mass & home and all the friends at church are praying that the miracle will come. The prayers must be helping because M & L have shown such strength in the last weeks God Bless You all! Uncle Gerald & Aunt Delphine