Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chemo Week again

How time flies.  Lisa is already back in for chemo this week.  After this round, Lisa will have scans done the week of Feb 14 to see if cancer is responding to the regime.  I hope and pray it is, because if it isn't, our options are very limited.

On a good note, we all had a wonderful weekend.  All the kids went to Special Days camp Fri, Sat, and Sunday.  They loved it and all came home tired but full of stories about what they did.  The only complaint they had was it was too short.  Maranda was glum all day yesterday and kept repeating how much she missed camp.....go figure, the kid that used to be terrified to go to camp and would get homesick is now "campsick".  Everyone but Lisa is already counting the days until summer camp which is for a whole week.  Lisa  says she doesn't want to go for that long and was upset that her counselors kept bugging her about going;)

As for Mike and I we want to shout out a huge THANK YOU  to CHEF JOHN at MotorCity casino.   Chef John, Don and their boss LUCIO provided all of our food for our Blast Fundraiser last June.  They were integral to its success and once it was over, they invited us to visit them at the Casino.  Seven months later, with the kids away at camp, we called  Chef John and let him know we were going to be at the Casino.  Chef John immediately set about making arrangements for a room for us and worked with Lucio to get us into the 4 star restaurant Iridescence.  Chef John instructed us to park in valet and call him when we arrived.  He met us at the valet, guided us to the front desk, got us checked-in and made sure we had everything we needed.  The room was beautiful and we went off to the casino to play the machines for a few hours.  Our dining experience was fantastic and we were flattered that Lucio made the time to come check on us and say hello.  Even Don found the time to come up and say hello.  It was wonderful...everything...the room, the food, the casino.  Even though we were still close to home, it the perfect escape for the weekend.  I cannot stop smiling when I think how Chef John and his associates went out of their way to provide us a little Rest and Relaxation...people I didn't even know a year ago being so generous and giving....it is these acts of kindness that make our world a better place and help us to tolerate such a difficult situation.

So, again, thank you, thank you, thank you to Chef John.   For a short period, we were carefree and worry free and able to have a wonderful time.  We couldn't have done it without you!

As always, thank you to all of our readers whose comments, post and prayers keep us going and help us to find the good in life.

Keep praying and living life fully!

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you had some R & R. You two certainly deserve it. Bless those who helped provide it! I continue to keep Lisa and all of you in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this next chemo week.
Loving our little ballerina!
Diana Romanowski