Sunday, February 20, 2011

Still Waiting for Scan Results

Lisa has been improving a bit each day and seems almost back to her old cheerful eating self again.  She is still getting IV fluids at night because her potassium levels were low when she was checked last week.  She still has quite the annoying cough, but then again, so does Chrissy.  I think both of them must have had the same bug....Chrissy has been nauseous for the past two weeks, coughing and very tired.  It gives us hope that Lisa's problems could have been bug-based and not all cancer/chemo related.

Lisa finished all her scans last week and we are anxiously awaiting a call from the doctor tomorrow.  The doctor opted to push chemo out for another week so Lisa could have this upcoming week to build up her strength.  It also gives us a chance to review the scans to see if the cancer has progressed and have a better idea of whether or not we should continue with this chemo regimen. 

The kids are off from school this week and we don't have anything special planned.  With Lisa and Chrissy being sick the past couple of weeks, we're a bit reluctant to expose them to any big crowds.   Mike and I have been keeping busy painting and updating the house.  It gives us something to do and keeps both our hands and minds busy.

We finally got some good news!!! Maranda saw both her orthopedic doctor and neurosurgeon because of some neck pain she had been having.  Based on scans and exams, they see NOTHING wrong with her.  The neck pain and popping she gets comes from a way she is manipulating her neck.  Both docs have said "just stop doing that" it was so wonderful to here those words...what an easy's nothing, no worries, we walked out of their and it felt like a weight had been lifted!

Now, if Lisa's docs could just give us good news!!  We are anxiously waiting for Lisa's scan results....I've had my fingers, toes, legs, everything crossed  and have been praying, praying, praying for good news on the scan.  We'll let you know when we know!

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