Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Next Steps

Lisa has been doing good, running around like a nut the past few days, but just like the last time she had this round of drugs, she hit the wall today. Needing a lot more sleep and having trouble eating and as the day went on, she sounded like she had marbles in her mouth...must be the mouth sores starting. We're doing what we can giving her the "magic" mouthwash and hydration. Hopefully we won't have to go to Motts like last time.

Got a call from doctor today. Lisa will have a scan Tues 11/4 (the same day Maranda's consult with the neurosurgeon is scheduled). Fri, 11/7 we will be meet with the general surgeon to discuss Lisa's scan. Lisa is scheduled for surgery on 11/13, at this time they estimate 8-12 hrs of surgery (more details when we meet with surgeon on 11/7, I hope) and a 7 day thru 11/20 if all goes well. After that, the plan is that we will be home for 3 weeks and then Lisa will go back in for the radiation and transplant which will be a 3-4 week stay.

Not sure what will be done for Maranda....but hopefully if she has to have surgery, it can be done around the same time as Lisa's stay so we can get the family plan or at least an upgrade to a suite!!:)

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Anonymous said...

Sending warm and loving thoughts to you all.

Pam Dear