Friday, October 31, 2008

Back at Motts predicted, we are back at Motts. Side effects of chemo 6 are same as round 4. Had a few great days at home and then Lisa abruptly changed speeds. She slowed down quite a bit yesterday and was complaining about her mouth. I was having trouble understanding her yesterday evening.

She spent most of the day today sleeping and having Mike monitor her temperature. She fluctuated all day and at 6:30 spiked to 101.2. That's a "go directly to Motts, don't get out for 2 days" card. So, I got her up here about 8. We went thru ER, had blood work drawn, X-ray done and were admitted to our room around 10:00.

Due to some complications with the room, we packed up a 1/2 hour later and moved to a new room. Lisa was awake most of the time, but didn't want to be moved or touched. She was definitely having some pain. They gave her some codeine/Tylenol downstairs and then some morphine once we got settled in. She's sleeping now, and until these sores clear up we'll be keeping her on some pain meds, as well as antibiotics just in case she's fighting an infection.

So.....bummer....she'll be here for Halloween. Her sibs have promised to get her candy. They have trick or treating here tomorrow and I'm sure she'll clean up if she feels like leaving her room. I'm hoping Mike can bring the kids up to visit and maybe carve/decorate Lisa's pumpkin. We'll have to see how she feels.

Have a Happy Halloween!


Mr. Matt said...

Tell Lisa that Mr. Matt is soooo bummed that "Belle" will not be able to attend his party. I will make sure that her candy needs are more than adequately met! Whoever doesn't have Mott duty tonight should bring or just drop the kids off for a few hours after T&T'ing, Cass and Jess have been talking about seeing them all week. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayer. Mr. Matt

Anonymous said...

She will be the prettiest BELLE at Motts!

I am sure she will be running the halls in no time!
Hope she gets lots of candy and if not she knows where our candy drawer is at the Grendysa household and she is welcome to it anytime!


Mrs. Lisa

Jeanette said...

Lisa, you get some rest and rely on your brother and sisters to hook you up with the good candy. :) I hope you feel better soon and get to show off your costume tomorrow.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Tell Lisa we hope she feels better quick!!

The Kreagers