Saturday, October 11, 2008

Busy Week

So sorry for not posting's been a busy week. 2 MRIs, a brace fitting, bloodwork, PT appts and oh, school, catechism, karate, soccer and gymnastics.

Here's what we know:

Maranda sailed thru her MRI....getting the results to her doctor, not so easy. They were given to me on a CD which I attempted to drop off at the doc's office when I had Lisa's bloodwork drawn. This turned out to be a 25 minute process....the doc's office doesn't have a receptionist and I wasn't successful in flagging down a nurse. Finally I just went thru the doors and looked around for a nurses station. When I found it there were 4 people sitting there who all looked at me blankly when I said I needed to drop something off for Dr. Farley. Apparently the don't work for her and didn't know who she was. After 15 minutes of discussion, we decided they should just leave the CD in her mailbox because they thought it would take a week (?!) to get it to her via interoffice mail. I know she is in on Mondays, so my hopes are she gets the CD this Monday. I'm assuming she have to send it off to have a lab read it before we know the results of Maranda's MRI.

Her brace fitting went fine. The orthotist was very friendly and really put Maranda at ease. She got to wear this stylish cotton form fitting sock and he did measurements on her body with a no casting...yeah! He will be custom forming her brace and should have a preliminary cast for her to try on in 2 weeks. If it fits properly, we'll bring it home. I'm sure her father and her are thinking of names for the newest addition to the family. Getting answers regarding insurance coverage has been a stinking at this point, I've given up and am just keeping my fingers crossed that it's covered. We'll know soon enough.

Lisa's week went well. She's had a runny nose and been a bit more sleepy, but other than that she's holding her own. Her blood counts were not the highest, but they were just enough that we haven't had to get any transfusions this week. She had her MRI on Th night and we anticipate we'll get the results for those next week once all the rest of the tests are done.

Speaking of tests.....her MIBG scans have been bumped a day because of all things.. the Columbus Day holiday. Apparently the company that sends the die needed for the test are not open on Columbus day so the hospital had to reschedule all the appts. She will be having her MIBG and CAT scan this Th.

I'm still on my quest to get every state on the prayer list. We are still missing Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, spread the word if you know anyone in those states! I'm thinking we should have a nationwide moment of prayer this Th at 11:00 to pray that the chemo is working...that Lisa's cancer be operable and survivable....that she beats the odds and goes into remission and stays there for the rest of her life, not the 2 years most children diagnosed with this cancer get. That all of us have the strength to live through this and learn from it no matter what the outcome and truly appreciate the gift that our lives are.


Ashley Howley said...

Hey Guys!
Christopher, my brother, is praying for you guys in Bremmerton, Washington!
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Ann and Richard are moving to Connecticut, so there is another one! Yaah!


Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure Montana is covered, that is where cousin Denise (Howley) lives isn't it? Check with Mary Jo.