Thursday, October 2, 2008

Me & Jamie should all feel sorry for Jamie....look how tall she is...that's got to be tough!

Mike has been updating the I won't disrupt his upbeat posts...let's just say that Lisa does handle the puking a lot better than the rest of us

To all those of you who still don't have a Lisa bracelet, I apologize. We ran into a problem with the manufacturer....they took our order, took our money and now they can't find any record of either. I'm working on disputing the charge with our credit card company. In the mean time, I will be placing an order with a new company. If you would like Lisa bracelets, please fill in your name and how many bracelets needed by clicking here.

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Jeanette said...

Very cute picture of you and Jamie! You do both have the same haircut! You look great. She looks like she is 6 feet tall, maybe she just had on six inch heels! Sounds like Thur was a rough day for Lisa. We are praying everyday. Hope Maranda has a quick and easy time on Sat.