Friday, June 10, 2011

One more day until BLAST

We are busy, busy, but very excited!  Tomorrow is going to be a great day!!!!

Mark Rosenthal is bringing his animal magic to entertain everyone.  There will be lots of games for the kids to play.  We will have karaoke, princesses and lots of raffles including a signed Kid Rock t-shirt, premium Tiger Games package and Motor City Casino Hotel package. Be sure to check out the BLAST website for all the details.  For those of you not able to attend this year, we do have an online donation button and online store on our website if you would like to participate that way!

For any FaceBook readers, please join us in promoting the event by changing your FaceBook profile picture to our flier for the next 24 hours.  How cool would it be to see the flier on everyone's profile scrolling down the page.  Here are the directions: Click on the picture of flier; it will open to full size.  Scroll down and click "tag this photo" in left hand corner. Click on the photo to start tagging and add your name. 
Once you are done with that, go back to your wall photos, find the picture now located in your photos.  Click on the picture, it will open to full size;  and crop it so that the entire picture is selected. Click "done cropping". Your facebook profile should update to the flier!


Hope to see you at BLAST tomorrow!

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Cassy said...

Is the tagging turned on in your settings? I'm not seeing that option where I usually do on FB photos?