Thursday, June 30, 2011


honestly, that's all I feel like writing.  Things have been a bit chaotic since BLAST.   While Lisa has been doing quite well given her "disease" it seems like life is getting bumpy again.

I've struggled again and again to figure out what I want to write and just find that I am, once again, devoid of emotion and brain functionality.  So here is a quick list of what has popped up in the past three weeks:

3 weeks ago, right after BLAST I found out that the tiredness that had been plaguing my mother was due to small cell lung cancer that has spread to her liver.  Prognosis is 3 mos with out treatment, at least 6 mos with treatment. Her chemo started this week.

2 weeks ago, we found out that Lisa did not get a spot in "virus" study (which is probably for the best because she would have had to been isolated for a good part of the study and that is no fun during summer!)

Last week, while Lisa was getting her scans, Maranda finally got to see her orthopaedic doctor to discuss her sore foot and back.  The doctor recommend she have a bone scan done (something that had I been more on my game I would have insisted she get it done the next day side-by-side with Lisa, but alas, I scheduled it for this week).  Doc also recommended that Maranda start physical therapy for her back.

Today was a triple whammy of excitement.  Lisa started on her new chemo regimen which includes two agents she takes orally and one that is given thru IV.  She is one of the first kids to be on this study at U of M so there was a lot of double-checking and coordination of time, drugs, etc.  As I went to pick up the oral drugs there was a snafu at the pharmacy that set us back an hour.  I put that hour to good use as I ran Maranda over to the bone scan to get her started. 

The scans ended with surprising news to me, while Maranda has been insisting for weeks now that her foot hurt so bad she thought it was broken, I totally expected nothing to come of the scans.  Would my life ever be so predictable?  Maranda has a stress fracture in her foot.  So for sure there will be at least one more doc visit for her with the ortho to figure out how to treat it.

And the final moment of excitement, Mike who found out a while ago that he has an under active thyroid had a  follow-up appt with an endocrinologist today to determine the extent of the problem. Turns out he has Hashimoto's Disease....yeah, no, that's not a joke.  I googled it.  It really is a true disease;  it affects your thyroid and basically your immune system attacks your thyroid gland.  Seems pretty minor given diseases and looks like it can be kept under control with meds. doesn't seem so bad when it's typed out in list form.  Guess it's just life challenging us...again!

On a good note....Chrissy turned 12 last week on June 20 and she enjoyed celebrating with the girlscouts.


Maureen said...

FYI - I also have Hashimoto's disease. I was first diagnosed with low thyroid about 16 years ago, then determined it was Hashimoto's which is an autoimmune disease. It's easily treated, just have to remember to take your meds.

Lynn Zott said...

I have Hashi's too. The meds will help a lot.

Don't know what to say about the rest of it, except that I'm thinking of you, sending you all as much loving energy and as many healing vibes as I can muster.